addo update 12/20/17



The Puerto Rican Christmas was a VIP dinner that brought together a lot of familiar and new faces into the space.  We had lots of food, beverages, and loud music.  I placed a few silent auction items up for grabs with 50% of the total money raised going to World Central Kitchen for all their amazing work this year with Puerto Rico.   Here are a few of those items.  If you would like to bid then please email me your bid ( and I will let you know if you won by Thursday. 

In your home, 2 seat 15 course experience - starts at $200

In your home cooking class, 1 on 1 - starts at $150

Brunch for 10 at our space - starts at $300



I've added a whole bunch of new experiences going into the new year.  Now you have even more to look forward to!  Here we go:

Suzi Jane An - Vita Uva - 12 Course Dinner - 2/24

Suzi Jane An is the former Director of Operations for Salare and Junebaby and will be opening her own wine shop called Vita Uva in the Sup Shop near the ID/First Hill.  I'm really excited for this dinner as the menu will be created from the wines she chooses first.  Price includes the pairings and will be $175 per person (click)

Here's an awesome article about Suzi Jane An (click)

Chef Mi Kim's Raised Doughnuts - 2/11

Chef Mi Kim, founder and chef of Raised Doughnuts, will be doing a pop-up at our space on 2/11.  For the price of $10 you will receive three fried to order mochi doughnuts (plain, condense milk dipped, and black sesame).  Additionally, I will have bottled cold brew soda's from addo's toast v. toast (brunch) experience for purchase as a supplement ($3.50).  Click here to book

Meesha - Regions of India - 2/16

The 12/29 dinner for Preeti and Priya's Meesha sold out!  We have another dinner planned for 2/16 that will explore different regions of India through seven courses with beverages for $90.  These have sold out each time and are a blast to be at.  So book it here!

I LOVE SEAFOOD - 1/7, 1/21, and 2/4

For $65 per person I will throw down a 5-7 preparations of seafood in a family style format.  There will also be some supplements for hot or cold seafood towers.  Seating is for 1-20 people so bring a crew to eat all the seafoods.  I will most likely just drape the tables in newspaper and let you have at it. (click)

Richard's Burger!!!!! 1/31

Come for the double, cheese, secret sauce, fries, and high fives.  $17!  Book it! 

Cooking Classes - all are $65 per person with a maximum class size of 6

Hyrdrocolloids - the magic powders in food 1/10
Seafood Cookery - 1/24
Pickling and Fermenting - 1/31
Puerto Rican Food - 2/21

Usual Suspects - 

15 course tasting menu is booking through February now with Valentine's Day in the mix for the same price as always.  

Toast v. Toast (brunch) will be getting a few revisions. I feel like it's a good experience but I haven't figured out a way to get it rolling properly.  We'll be open on Christmas Eve for brunch so book that! 

New Year's Eve Early Dinner - 

There are plenty of early dinner tickets so if you want to avoid the madness from NYE or you want to use this as a pit-stop to something magical then feel free to do so.  The 7 course luxury ingredient menu will be shown along with lots of bubbling beverages. I sourced some monster lobster tails from Marx Foods for this, they are absolutely insane.  Click here!  The countdown dinner is sold out.  

Dining Template - 

For 2018 you'll see a new repeating template popping up for the site as I get a little more settled into the new space. 

Monday/Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday will be cooking classes and a lower priced family style option for dining.  Those lower priced dinners will be in the reservations section on Tock.  Cooking classes will be in the events section and on my site directly. 

Thursday - 15 course tasting menu day.  Open to larger private parties.

Friday - 15 course tasting menu day.  Open to larger private parties. 

Saturday - Tasting menu flex day with for collaboration dinners, one off tasting menu, 15 course tasting menu, and more

Sunday - Brunch (click) and lower priced family style dinner at night. 

I've added new dates for the Puerto Rican dinners and have more plans for less expensive family style dinners as well! Stay tuned. 

Super Not-So-Secret-Squirrel Mode

I wonder if people read the newsletters all the way through.... Hmm, let me see.  

Chef Grant Achatz (Alinea, Aviary, Next, Roister) will be coming to Seattle to do a dinner with me in February.  I'll launch details next week.  Rewards guests will receive first crack at tickets, then all guests who have purchased a ticket to any event, then newsletter subscribers, then to the general public.  When? February 6th and 7th!

Thank you to everyone that has supported addo so far. You are all amazing!  Happy holiday and do some cool things for yourself and others with your time off! 


Eric Rivera