addo update 12/6/17


How was your Thanksgiving?  Hope it was fun, you got super full, and now you're hungry again because there are definitely some experiences you should check out that are happening in the next two weeks that you should definitely check out.  

The ticketing site for addo has a new web address.  This won't effect anything on your side but if you have it bookmarked you should change it.  The new site is and is still part of the tock group, it will now be more accessible for their side to market and be seen on web searches, so that's cool for this little restaurant!  

On Thursday the collaboration dinner between myself and Chef Shota from adan is happening.  Tickets are still available and include 12 courses and the beverage pairing for $185 per person (click)  Did you know that Chef Shota is also a hero? 

The last 12x12 dinner is this Saturday.  The dinner on 12/2 was fun and now we're in the process of dialing it in even more.  Here's a teaser video (click).  Tickets are $185 per person and include the beverage pairing. There are two times available so get in there (click)

Luke (sous chef from Noma) and I have been talking a lot lately and I think there is something in the future for us to work together more.   I'm not sure when that will happen as he is home for a while from Noma while they get Noma 2.0 ready.  We're doing a dinner together on 12/16 and he brought a bunch of cool ingredients with him along with super rad dishes he has been working on for quite some time.  Should be fun so check it out, tickets are $125 and do not include beverage pairing (click)


The first Meesha dinner sold out so we are doing another dinner with Preeti and Priya on 12/29.  They will be exploring Parsi cuisine from Mumbai.  The food was stellar last time and is unlike anything else in the city.  Tickets are $75 per person and beverages will be sold at the event ala carte (click)


I've added a bunch of new experiences through February 1st.  New cooking classes, dates for the new 5 course Puerto Rican dinners, brunch, and more dates for the 15 course tasting menu.   I am in the process of planning a few larger events and am working through the logistics of those.  You'll see them first here.  Additionally, I am creating a list of people that have purchased tickets from addo since day one.  Those people will become VIP's and then there will be tiers for annual spending with addo that will give them rewards.  Some of you have already seen those so if you haven't then let's get you there!  Check out the ticketing site above for more experiences.  

New Year's Eve

There are still seats available for the early dinner, beverage pairing is included for that and there are a few tickets left for the countdownextravaganza.   I'm totally underselling this on purpose, you'll see when you are there.  

Private Parties

I get a lot of requests for private parties and smaller events at the space.  My answer 99% of the time is yes.  So let us know if you have anything you're tinkering with and let's make it happen.   Contact Jamilah at to get that going or myself directly.   


 Oh, check out the Thrillist video where they spoke with me about one of my favorite food groups in Seattle, Teriyaki!  (click)

That's your quick update for the week.  Sometimes I wonder if this is the best way to communicate with all of you but I see you all reading it and not unsubscribing so yeah, there is that.  If you have any questions or things you want to see don't hesitate to email me. 

Until next time addo peeps,


Eric Rivera