addo update 1/26/2018


How's your week going?  Yeah? Ugh, you should eat some food at our place then!

This is my favorite time of the week since there are a lot of new experiences that I just loaded today and they are live now!

New Experiences

FOCUS MENU - Thursday dinner series

I'm constantly looking at what sells, what doesn't and how to keep things new and exciting.  Frankly, the 15 course tasting menu doesn't sell well on Thursday's and it makes complete sense why.  I'm going to be featuring a 7 course menu that ranges between $65-$85 + tax + service charge that gives me even more flexibility but dials in a specific theme for each.  What themes you ask?

Gluten-Free, 7 course tasting menu on 2/22 (click)
Eat With Your Hands, 7 course tasting menu on 3/1 (click)
Vegetarian, 7 course tasting menu on 3/8 (click)
Vegan, 7 course tasting menu on on 3/15 (click)
Beefsteak, all-you-can eat, on 3/22 (click)  Inspiration (click)
Spicy Food, 7 course tasting menu on 3/29 (click)

That sounds pretty fun! Right? BUY BUY BUY!

Lechoncito - 

I've added supplements!  When you purchase a ticket you'll be able to add three different things as take home items.  Mom Flan for $30, an entire flan for yourself, no sharing!  Mom sofrito, a half quart of sofrito for all your Puerto Rican food concoctions.   Eric sazon, my spice mix for all things Puerto Rican in a 4 ounce tin. 

Jibarito Sandwich Pop-Up.  Plantain bun, pork fun, with rice and beans on the side. $17 and packaged to go! (click)

Lots of dates added last time and don't forget to book your Superb Lechoncito Party Pack for the big game! (click)

Cooking Class - 

Protein Cookery 3/28 (click)

Experiences for sale-

15 course tasting menu is booking through February now with Valentine's Day in the mix for the same price as always. (click) The 7:30 slot for Valentine's Day sold out so I added a 5:15.  

Toast v. Toast (brunch) for $35 per person. So many toasts and different dates to choose from.  I have added Easter as well so book soon, that will sell out quickly. Click   UPDATE:  This just hit the Eater Seattle Hot List for the first time debuting at #6!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Eater! (click)

Lechonsito - NEW DATES ADDED!

This is the name of the restaurant that I will be launching for Puerto Rican food in Seattle.  It's been a process so far to dial things in and get to a point where I can see there is actually a demand for Puerto Rican food here.  Growing up in Olympia there wasn't any options for it and currently there is just one Puerto Rican restaurant in Seattle so I think it's time for another so more people can have rad food. 

I'll be talking about this a lot more as it launches. I don't have an opening date or location yet but I would like to do it on Capitol Hill, if things work out.  It will be accessible, inexpensive, and good tasting food! I'm popping up that concept at addo until I can get a permanent location. I'll be adding more dates for this shortly.  Just added a lot more dates! Book now (click)

Cooking Classes - all are $65 per person with a maximum class size of 6 (click)

Seafood Cookery - 1/24 SOLD OUT
Pickling and Fermenting - 1/31
Puerto Rican Food - 2/21 SOLD OUT
Knife Skills - 3/7 SOLD OUT
Vegetable Cookery - 3/21
Protein Cookery - 3/28 ADDED TODAY


The Super Bowl is coming up! Why not order a Lechoncito party pack consisting of pork, rice, beans, braised plantain, chicharrones, charred avocado salad, and yucca? Feeds around 6 people for $125. You'll be the hero of your party and won't have to hassle with running around getting random things! Pick it up at our space between 10am-2pm. Reserve your pork things now! (click)

I LOVE SEAFOOD - 2/4, 3/25

For $65 per person I will throw down a 5-7 preparations of seafood in a family style format.  There will also be some supplements for hot or cold seafood towers.  Seating is for 1-20 people so bring a crew to eat all the seafoods.  I will most likely just drape the tables in newspaper and let you have at it. (click)

Richard's Burger!!!!! 1/31

Come for the double, cheese, secret sauce, fries, and high fives.  $17!  Book it!  SOLD OUT Many thanks to The Stranger for calling this a Don't Miss Event (Click)

Chef Mi Kim's Raised Doughnuts - 2/11

Chef Mi Kim, founder and chef of Raised Doughnuts, will be doing a pop-up at our space on 2/11.  For the price of $10 you will receive three fried to order mochi doughnuts (plain, condense milk dipped, and black sesame).  Additionally, I will have bottled cold brew soda's from addo's toast v. toast (brunch) experience for purchase as a supplement ($3.50).  Click here to book

Meesha - Regions of India - 2/16  SOLD OUT!

Truffle Dinner benefiting Noses for Non-Profits (2/17)

Join us for a 7 course truffle dinner with pairing featuring and benefiting Noses for Non-Profits. Along with the dinner each ticket will give you access to a multi-week online class that will show you how to train your dog to hunt truffles by Kristin Rosenbach from Wagnificient K9 (a $65 value).  (click)

Protest Fest Dinner Supporting Planned Parenthood - 2/18

addo Seattle is proud to be hosting a special dinner to benefit Planned Parenthood the day before Protest Fest. On 2/18/18, join chef Eric Rivera from addo for a special fundraising multi-course tasting menu comprised of President Trump's favorite foods re-imagined to be the greatest and best foods. Menu item example- Caul-usion, caul fat wrapped foie dusted with cheeto powder. There will be silent auction items at the event as well donated by Eric Rivera Cooks, A Restaurant Group. (Click).   Thanks for the mention The Stranger!!!! (click)

Suzi Jane An - Vita Uva - 12 Course Dinner - 2/24

Suzi Jane An is the former Director of Operations for Salare and Junebaby and has opened her own wine shop called Vita Uva in the Sup Shop near the ID/First Hill.  I'm really excited for this dinner as the menu will be created from the wines she chooses first.  Price includes the pairings and will be $175 per person (click)

Here's an awesome article about Suzi Jane An (click)
and another one from Eater Seattle (click)

Chef Sheena Owens Collaboration Dinner - 3/10

Join chef Sheena Owens (anar) for a special 12 course collaboration dinner with chef Eric Rivera (addo).  She is an up-and-coming chef and was featured at the I'M A CHEF dinner as well!  Definitely one to keep an eye out for her own project! (click)

Japanese Brunch with Chef Shota Nakajima (adana) 3/11

Join chef Shota Nakajima and chef Eric Rivera for a traditional Japanese Brunch. (click)  SOLD OUT

SILVA is upon us.  April 2018. 


Eric Rivera