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RIP Richard - 

The Richard is going into retirement, forever.  I was informed about a month ago that Columbia City Bakery was going to reduce wholesale clients to focus more on their in-store operations.   It's good for them but that throws a little wrench into our Richard times. After this last Richard pop-up on 10/24 you'll never see it again.  I'm going to start working on a new burger and start to do monthly burger pop-ups exploring different styles until a hybrid version can come out and we can have a new friend in the line-up.  I could find another place to make the bun but it's just not the same thing, onward!

off___menu is live!

off____menu, a 20 course tasting menu is live. Each guest that books will be able to select two themes and the more people that book within the party will have more themes showcased through the evening.  There are more than 20 themes to choose from so each experience will be a truly one-off experience.  You can even stay the night with a supplement.  Time to book it! (click)

Private Parties and Holiday Parties - 

We are in full booking mode for holiday parties happening in December through January and beyond.  We are starting to take on inquiries for weddings in 2019 and 2020. I think the thing that separates us is our wide range and ability to create custom experiences along the way so if you have an idea for something then let's talk it out. 

Banquets and Catering 

We are working on some weddings for 2019 so if you know anyone that needs a caterer or organizer then just let us know.  Large parties, small parties, lunch at work?  Yes, we do all of that! 

There have been requests for doing in-home parties.  Thing is, I started this all as a two seat experience in my own home so yes, we do in-home parties.  

We have full lunch business catering menus as well as themed versions to help you customize your day.  Reach out!  We are doing these a lot more which allows us to be more competitive in pricing. 

InSaNiS - next month is the last month

InSaNiS has started to book more and more so don't miss out and book your date soon.  There are very limited reservations and seats per time so plan ahead and be part of the most exclusive tasting menu in the city. Booking from now through November on Saturday's and will be in a different location every time. i have received requests to do InSaNiS on days that aren't on a Saturday.  Yes, that is a possibility, I will do them for a group of 8 min/max, and if there isn't something else already booked on that you request. 

Upon booking you will receive a questionnaire that will shape the menu throughout the evening.  There are 8 seats per seating and it will take place at a different location every time.  There are supplements built in where you can even stay the night and I will come back the next morning and cook you breakfast. Yup!

Book it here (click)

addo:incubator:ballard news - 

I have added a few new events to the ticketing site: 

Lechoncito:For The People is a 9 course family style meal for $40 per person.  This is designed to bring in larger groups that we can accommodate in our space.  Have a group of 1-40 people and want to dine all things Puerto Rican?  This is for you.  Here is the menu - 

Rice and Beans
Black Beans and Squash
Pollo Guisado
Mofongo with bacon
Stewed Yucca
Mom Flan

Additionally, there will be the larger supplements that people enjoy.  So join us in November and December!  (click)

Toast v. Toast

Toast v. Toast is back in November.  This all toast menu is a favorite of our guests so in the month of November it will come back.  Have some family in town?  Bring them on over! (click)

New Year's Eve 

I've decided to pull the plug on my other NYE idea and instead do it in the Ballard space.  I think the space is right for it and this will allow me to bring down the price.   We will do one seating at $200 per person with beverage pairings being an option.   The first 45 minutes will be passed appetizers then a sit down 7 course tasting and finally late-night snacks.  Rewards members will have the option to purchase tickets at the chefs table which will extend the sit down portion with a few more courses.  Tickets are live (click)

The Main Stays:


There is a new format for Friday nights.  You will be able to choose from 3, 7, and 12 course tasting menus.  The three course is $30, 7 course is $70, and 12 is $140.  There is no theme or concept for these as I use this style of menu to showcase things we are working on throughout the group or things that I have on my mind that I've always wanted to do.   There are 6 seats available per reservation time and I will always be cooking these so that's fun. (click)    This has been selling really well so make sure you get your reservation soon!   

Lechoncito 2.0 

Is booking now in Ballard on Wednesday and Sunday nights.  Lechoncito 2.0 is a little more elevated than the previous version of Lechoncito.   This version features individually plated items as well as a few rotating family style dishes.   The menu changes every week and there are order ahead supplements that allow you to dial in your experience even further.   October will be the last month for Lechoncito in its current form, frankly, it just doesn't sell well in Ballard so onto something else.  I'll be doing more one-off themes for Lechoncito moving forward in November.  (click)   New Lechoncito experiences will launch next week. 


We have launched this as of today!  Here is the current line-up available for purchase and upcoming items will be listed below: 

Koji,  light, red rice, and pinto bean, all dried.  
Mom Flan (we will have these for pre-order starting today for $25 each for a whole mom flan, click the link)

Coming soon:  Chicken stock, koji sauce, and more fermented things

Hawai'i Brunch OCTOBER!

Hawaiian Brunch is rolling!  Here is the menu for the week:

Grilled Pineapple
Spam Musubi
Mac Salad
Huli Huli Chicken
Loco Moco

It's $40 per person and it's something I did in Capitol Hill that was super rad so you should check it out.

Book Hawaiian brunch here (click)

Incubators - 


Foxglove is a restaurant concept entrenched in Chef Robb Morrell's love for the natural bounty and history of Cascadia. We pride ourselves on crafting a unique meal that is truly reflective of both wild and cultivated local produce. We utilize techniques like wood fire cooking and slow fermentation to coax the individual character and beauty from all of our ingredients. At Foxglove, we strive for social and environmental justice in all of our practices, and truly believe that good food is for everyone. Foxglove cooks food for friends.   (click)


I'm taking the Silva menu on the road to different areas in Washington in 2019.  The menus will depend on the location 

The trip itself is designed to have a chill feel so sit back, relax, and let us take care of you the entire way.   Pricing will be $1750 per person for the entire weekend that includes accommodations, food, and beverages.  There will be a maximum of 6-8 people per place we will stay at so tickets will be limited.  Get some friends and book the whole thing! 

Here's how it works -

Friday arrival:  small bites, drinks, welcoming time
Saturday morning: brunch 
Saturday afternoon: light snacks
Saturday evening: nice long tasting menu
Saturday night cap:  snacks and drinks
Sunday morning:  breakfast and go home! 

- Leavenworth (1/26-1/28)
- Anderson Island (2/22-2/24)
- Bellingham (4/19-4/21)
- Long Beach (5/10-5/12)
- Walla Walla (6/21-6/23)
- Spokane (7/26-7/28)

A $250 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot and the rest of the payment will be due 30 days prior to the event.  Hold your spot now! 

For more information and to book click on this link (click)


Hawai'i  (dates will launch soon, if you're interested email me)

Hawai'i in July!  We will be visiting Kauai and Maui over a 7 day 6 night trip. There will be a maximum of 6 spots for this.  

Australia (dates will launch soon, if you're interested email me)

In October we will visit Australia.   There will be a maximum of 8 for this trip as we will be visiting Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.   

Have a nice rest of the week! 


Eric Rivera