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2018 is almost over:

Thank you all so much for your support.  It's been a really fun year and I honestly can't believe it's almost over.  The last couple of months have been a whirlwind and we have been so busy thanks to you.  We finally had a few days off on Christmas Eve and Christmas day to re-tool a couple of things and think about 2019 properly.   Before we go too far, there are some tickets left for New Year's Eve and you can now get 5% off the total ticket price by entering the code addo2019 upon check out, so do that. 

New Year's Eve 

We will do one seating at $200 per person with beverage pairings being an option.   The first 45 minutes will be passed appetizers then a sit down 7 course tasting and finally late-night snacks.  Rewards members will have the option to purchase tickets at the chefs table which will extend the sit down portion with a few more courses.  Tickets are live (click)  Sales for this are picking up, get in while you can and avoid the amateur hour NYE parties!   This is the best deal in the city and you know you'll have a ton of fun. 


We are currently loading events through 2019.   A few reasons for that is that we have seen a large amount of people traveling in to eat at our dinners and events so we want to play into that more.  Additionally, if you see events that are up and want a private party or something on that date then please let us know sooner than later so we can work that out.  We are working on a few weddings, anniversary parties, and company parties so if that's something you want for the next year from us then let's get it booked!  Are there any sort of experiences you want to see? Let me know!

Brunch through the entire year is live now.  Here are the themes for those: 

January - Vegas Buffet
February - Smorrebrod
March -Puerto Rican Brunch
April - Game of Thrones
May - Portuguese 
June - Tacos
July - BBQ
August - Hangover Food
September - Betty Crocker
October - Trick or Treat
November - Cornucopia
December - A Nightmare Before

My flagship menu themes for 2019 are: 

Off____menu - January through March each guest picks two categories from a list then we make a custom themed menu for you.  The more people that book is the more categories you get to see and you can even add additional courses. You can even stay the night with a supplement.  Time to book it! (click)

Themes to choose from for off___menu, we will be adding more: 

France, Italy, Gluten-Free, Pacific Northwest, Northeast, South, Cajun, Portugal, Spain, Bar Food, Hawai'i, Japan, Korea, 1950's, 2050's, 1900's, Vegan, Vegetarian, Seafood, Acid, Bitter, Spicy, Salty, Sweet, Umami, Children's Menu, Taco, Beef, Chicken, India, Breakfast, Mexico, and Wild Card

Time Travel - April through June.  This 20 course tasting menu will take you throughout time to find important food stories and history told through food. 

SILVA - July through September.  The story of Washington told through food.  This 20 course tasting menu will take you throughout the state highlighting preparations and ingredients throughout. 

addo tour October through November.   This 20 course tasting menu will take the highlights from 2019 and give them an even more revised look.  Our 2019 look book will be rad. 


Ingrid is in the process of adding a bunch of new experiences as well. She is adding a bunch of new things that aren't my comfort zone so that should be fun!  A lot of these are live so be sure to check out new things like Sleepover, Lechoncito Seafood, Lechoncito Whole Suckling Pig, and so many more currently being added! 


It's currently getting an overhaul by our friend Aparna. She'll be tinkering with it to eliminate a lot of the useless information, clicks, and we'll end up with a way more efficient site.  Additionally, we are working on making the purchasing of events to be easier and hope to roll out a solution to that by the end of the year.  We do a lot of unique customization to our menus and experiences so our site needs that help as well.  


Cafecito willl be the name of our coffee program starting in January. We will continue doing our current menu and slowly evolve into featuring coffees grown throughout Latin America.   There is a lot more to do this than just that so stay tuned. 


This will be getting a major overhaul starting in January. 

  Here is the current line-up available for purchase and upcoming items will be listed below: 

We are completely sold out of koji at the moment and we are working on new batches shortly! 

Mom Flan (we will have these for pre-order starting today for $25 each for a whole mom flan, click the link)

Private Parties and Holiday Parties - 

Still looking for something to do for your holiday party or family private party?  Let us know, we have a few openings left.  If you need to kick it over to January then let us know for that.  We are starting to take on inquiries for weddings in 2019 and 2020. I think the thing that separates us is our wide range and ability to create custom experiences along the way so if you have an idea for something then let's talk it out. 

Banquets, Catering and Lunch at Your Work

We have been working with a lot of tech companies around here, yes that one, that one, and that one too to deliver lunch to them during the weekdays.  This is something that we are getting really good at and are expanding.  Our menu prices have dropped since we are picking up more clients and we are making a push to scale this out even further for 2019.   If you would like us to cater your lunch and you're not a tech company then that's cool too.   We have an ever changing menu and price between $10-$18 per head so shoot us a message and let's get you and your team fed.  


addo basic brunch 

Have you been looking for a lower cost alternative to our brunch tasting menus?  This is it! For $25, we will give you drip coffee (from Olympia Coffee Roasters or Stamp Act), two seasonal toasts, and a selection of pastries from our up-and-coming bakers that sell to us.  This works well with large parties, wink wink, nudge nudge (click)  This is the best deal for brunch in the city so bring some friends and book this on Saturday or Sunday. 

 Grinch Who Stole Christmas (December).  

A five course brunch tasting menu inspired by the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  This should be fun (click)

This is the last weekend for this on 12/30 and we only have a few seats left. 

Thank you The Stranger for giving us a shout out (click)    This has been selling out so get in while you can. 
 A new format for Lechoncito is live now

A $1 ticket will buy you a seat for the space and will let us know how many people will be coming.  From there you will order ahead from the list of these supplements in increment form. If you would to pick-up then just leave it at $1 for the per person price so we can package it all up for you. 

Items are as follows:

Lechoncito Pork - 1# $15
Arroz con gandules - 1# $9
Arroz con azafran y olivos - 1# $12
Stewed Yucca - 1# $12
Avocado Salad - 1# $11
Mango Salad 1# 10
Cumin Black Beans 1# $8
Pinto Beans and Bacon 1# $11
Take all the supplements in the system and add them to this as well please, same price
Sancocho - 1 quart $14
Tostones, 12 for $10
Mom Flan, Whole $25
Mom Flan, Slice $5
Sofrito 1/4 quart $7
Mojo 1/4 quart $7
Sazon  4 ounces $7

Pick up times will be Wednesday through Sunday and for dining in you can choose from 530pm or 7pm on Wednesday or Sunday.  I am toying around the idea of expanding the dine in days for this, we'll see. 

The Main Stays:


There is a new format for Friday nights.  You will be able to choose from 3, 7, and 12 course tasting menus.  The three course is $30, 7 course is $70, and 12 is $140.  There is no theme or concept for these as I use this style of menu to showcase things we are working on throughout the group or things that I have on my mind that I've always wanted to do.   There are 6 seats available per reservation time and I will always be cooking these so that's fun. (click)  

addo:incubator:dining room:

This is the companion menu for the counter.  You can have a 3, 7, or 12 course menu for $25, $55, and $110.  Click it and book it 


Foxglove is a restaurant concept entrenched in Chef Robb Morrell's love for the natural bounty and history of Cascadia. We pride ourselves on crafting a unique meal that is truly reflective of both wild and cultivated local produce. We utilize techniques like wood fire cooking and slow fermentation to coax the individual character and beauty from all of our ingredients. At Foxglove, we strive for social and environmental justice in all of our practices, and truly believe that good food is for everyone. Foxglove cooks food for friends.   (click)

Things in the works - 


Maui - July 10-16

We will be visiting Maui with a total of 6 six people.  All food, lodging, and a sick car trip around the road to Hana will be taken care of by the price of the ticket (there are a few other things I have in the works as well).  You'll just be responsible for your flight. The format will remain the same as the Puerto Rico trip.  The price is $2500 per person. I'll have a link to purchase with a $500 non-refundable deposit soon but if you're interested shoot me an email and I'll get it to you faster that way.  

Australia in October 

Dates coming soon.  We will start and end in Sydney with a trip to Melbourne as well. I'm working through details of the trip.  The format will remain the same as our other trips where we handle transportation, food, and lodging while you are there.   This will be a trip for a maximum of 6 people and the price for this will be $3000 per person.  

New Orleans (dates will launch soon)

Thanks for reading and always supporting! 

Happy New Year!


Eric Rivera