addo Capitol Hill and Ballard update 3/15


How are you?  Things over here? Busy in the best way! 

We are in the process of building out the calendar for the Ballard and Capitol Hill spaces.  You'll see a lot of new experiences popping up over the next two weeks and a lot of new faces at both spaces.

Additionally, I'm on the hunt for a permanent space for Lechoncito on Capitol Hill, I'm just playing the waiting game.  I see restaurants opening and closing all the time so it's just a matter of finding the right space and not rushing into something that ridiculously expensive like a restaurant just to be in one.  Does it need to be on Capitol Hill?  Yes, not budging on that.  Does it need to be super fancy and instagrammable?  No, I don't care about that.  The food will be stellar, approachable, and if the space needs to evolve over time to be nice then that's cool but the last thing I want to do is interior decorate the hell out of it and add a bunch of design cues to make it look cool then have to skimp on paying for talent and having the food cooked properly with the right ingredients.  By the end of the year?  Hopefully! 

Ballard Space at Royal Drummer! 


I was at the Ballard space the other day and had a chance to see the flow of people going in and around the space.  Walked up and down the street a few times, and then an idea popped up in my head from what people that live in the area were saying about that area.  In April we will launch DiVe, a wine and beer place with some awesome food things that are from various menus happening throughout the company along with some Ballardcentric things.   Tickets will be $10 per person and will serve as a deposit that will be credit towards the final bill.  Wine and beer will be sold by the bottle or glass.  Beer will be sold by bottle or can, for now.  The food will be sold ala carte with some supplements popping up and specials from upcoming collaboration dinners around the company. Some menu items to expect:

- Weekly Smorrebrod
- Pickled Things
- The Richard, as a single.... extra patties sold separately and would be fucking cool to do.  Can you imagine a quadruple Richard?  You order that and I'll eat it with you and we'll die happy.  Also, we'll have a Richard Membership Club Card.  For every 10 Richard's you purchase you'll get a prize whether it's a hat, t-shirt, another Richard, or whatever else comes up!  The Richard has a home and he's bringing his DVD collection over! 
- Truffle Hot Pockets
- Specials from upcoming and past collaborations
- Jibarito Pork Sandwich
- Plantain Papi with Pique and Mayo/Ketchup
- and lots of other random and awesome things!  

All food items, minus occasional supplements, will be under $13. 

We will sell to the bar area at the Royal Drummer space and seating is limited so tickets should go fast.  If it ends up being a thing then we'll expand seating as needed but I want to keep this small to reserve the rest of the space for collaborations and other fun things. Regardless, this little area should be running Thursday-Saturday!

Tickets are available now!  Click on the 'Book Ballard' button on the main page and look for DiVe.

In the Planning Stages:

- Korean Dinners
- Vietnamese/Italian
- Algerian Fried Chicken
- Karaoke

Capitol Hill NEW! 

Paul Foucher is 19.  I was told by a lot of the chefs in the city that I should keep an eye on this guy.  He sent me an email one night and asked if he could work the Alinea dinner at our space.  I was hesitant but said sure and he blew me away.  He is the future of the Seattle scene, it's clear.   His mother used to run a French culinary school and still teaches classes here so it's in his blood.  He was able to adapt to anything thrown his way.  People told me to hire him but that would have been a disservice to him. He staged at Alinea right after the dinner and has been hired.  His goodbye dinner will be at our space on 3/29 so join us to see where Seattle cuisine will evolve to upon his return.  SOOOOO excited for this, I might even sit and eat!  (Click to buy)

Did you make it to our Traditional Japanese Brunch?  It sold out pretty quickly.  So join us for this next series of Japanese dinners!

Join us for The Beauty of Japanese Food in the Northwest. A dinner by Shota Nakajima (adana), Mutsuko Soma (Kamonegi), and Taichi Kitamura (Sushi Kappo Tamura) for an 8 course Japanese dinner (click here, tickets will go fast) 

Followed by that dinner is: IZAKAYA NIGHT! (click)

Capitol Hill Space Planning at Coffee Flour Lab:

- Focus dinners, new themes!
- Al Fresco!
- Themed Brunches
- Insane Collaborations (like really insane)

addo:Ballard at Royal Drummer Cafe events now selling:

addo:incubator - Wolf and Woman - 3/20

Join Kaci Goff (formerly of Hitchcock and Navy Strength) for a four course dinner.  Chef Kaci has a background in Malaysian Fine Dining cuisine that will be brought to light at their dinners.  addo:incubator is proud to work with Chefs Kaci as she promotes her pop-up series Wolf and Woman.   Buy tickets for this pop-up at our Ballard space for 3/7 and 3/20 (click)

Check out their instagram and follow them here (click)

Added another Smorrebrod night on 4/22. Click here for either date.  This will be happening once per month at the Ballard location. Danish open-faced sandwiches!! YA TAK!!!

The Richard will be happening once per month at the Ballard location. YES!!!!!! Book now March, April, and May.  Once DiVe is going, no more singular Richard nights, so book this now! (click)

Richard's Burger Pop-up 3/14

This is the same night as the one in Capitol Hill so Ballard peeps, your time to Richard is happening.  Join us (click)

Lechoncito Nights (Puerto Rican food)

About to add a whole bunch of these but for now 3/18.  Click to buy

Movie Night -

What We Do in The Shadows, Spaghetti Night, 3/21

Spaghetti, treats, and popcorn.  Beer and wine will be sold separately.  (Click)

Grandma's Boy on 4/19. 

This is one of my favorite movies so join us for 3-4 courses of food with wine and beer sold separately.  Tickets are $35.  (click)


Meesha is back and is doing three events on 3/30, 4'20, and 5/18.  Book now as these sell out quickly!  (click)

Smorrebrod Tasting Menu 3/24 and 4/22

I have visited Denmark a few times and I fell in love with these sandwiches.  They are traditionally open faced and served over rye.  If you've been to brunch then you'll notice that's pretty much what we serve with different types of breads so we're doing a dinner version at our Ballard space.   In Copenhagen there are smorrebrod places that have tasting menus attached to them so that's what we're going to do!  If this sells well this will end up being a mainstay at the Ballard location as a nod to strong Nordic heritage in the area.  Fun times (click)

You'll notice something about pricing for the space in Ballard as well.  No service charge.   The only add-ons to price you'll see will be tax and for supplements (if they make sense).  This way you'll be able to have a more transparent look at costs for an experience before you get to check out. 

CAPITOL HILL at Coffee Flour Lab! 


The 12-15 course tasting menu, SILVA, now booking through July

Book your SILVA experience now! (click)

Experiences for sale-

15 course tasting menu.  This is the last month for the 15 course tasting menu.  It will change over to the dedicated SILVA menu with a singular theme of food, techniques, and stories throughout the state of Washington.  Until then, book the ever changing 15 course tasting menu before it goes away. 

Toast v. Toast (brunch) for $35 per person. So many toasts and different dates to choose from.  I have added Easter as well so book soon, that will sell out quickly. Click  Thanks Eater! (click)

Lechoncito - NEW DATES ADDED!

This is the name of the restaurant that I will be launching for Puerto Rican food in Seattle.  It's been a process so far to dial things in and get to a point where I can see there is actually a demand for Puerto Rican food here.  Growing up in Olympia there wasn't any options for it and currently there is just one Puerto Rican restaurant in Seattle so I think it's time for another so more people can have rad food. 

Book now (click)

Cooking Classes - all are $65 per person with a maximum class size of 6 (click)

Knife Skills - 3/7 SOLD OUT
Vegetable Cookery - 3/21 SOLD OUT
Protein Cookery - 3/28  1 ticket left

Chef Michasia's Bread! 

Chef Michasia's Bread is a naturally leavened mild sourdough containing whole wheat flour, white flour, sea salt, and water. Each ticket will buy one loaf and can be picked up at our Capitol Hill (Coffee Flour Lab) location after 11:30am on Sunday's. Chef Michasia has made bread for L'oursin, Hitchcock, and addo's toast vs. toast brunches every Sunday!

Dates available for pick-up,  3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/22, and 4/29

Click to buy your loaves now


For $65 per person I will throw down a 5-7 preparations of seafood in a family style format.  There will also be some supplements for hot or cold seafood towers.  Seating is for 1-20 people so bring a crew to eat all the seafoods.  I will most likely just drape the tables in newspaper and let you have at it. (click)

Richard's Burger! 3/14  SOLD OUT!

Come for the double, cheese, secret sauce, fries, and high fives.  $17!  Many thanks to The Stranger for calling this a Don't Miss Event (Click)

FOCUS MENU - Thursday dinner series

I'm constantly looking at what sells, what doesn't and how to keep things new and exciting.  Frankly, the 15 course tasting menu doesn't sell well on Thursday's and it makes complete sense why.  I'm going to be featuring a 7 course menu that ranges between $65-$85 + tax + service charge that gives me even more flexibility but dials in a specific theme for each.  What themes you ask?

Vegan, 7 course tasting menu on on 3/15 (click)
Beefsteak, all-you-can eat, on 3/22 (click)  Inspiration (click)
Coming soon......  Spicy, Al Fresco, Breakfast for Dinner, Puerto Rican Seafood, Grillin' and Chillin'

There is another Ballard space in the works.  It's just 14 seats..... Yup. 

Thanks for reading!


Eric Rivera