addo update: Captol Hill and Ballard 4/18/18


I get a lot of people asking about what's going on in Ballard and can't find the site so I'm just going to pin it to the top here.
Ballard Ticketing Site - Click
Capitol Hill Ticketing Site - Click

PRESS!!!!! Thanks to all the press peeps! We constantly have people mention they read about something you wrote about us  and that's they're reason for coming in. We can't thank you enough!  For people that don't believe that press isn't important then you are really missing out.  

Eater Seattle does a round-up of pop-ups in Seattle and I've been named the king of pop-ups. (click)  We are also on the Brunch Heat Map at #6!  Thanks to Megan Hill and Adam Callaghan for the nod! (click)

Seattle Met and Rosin Saez wrote an article about pop-ups in Seattle and we are featured!  Click!

Seattle Magazine and Chelsea Lin have nominated us for best pop-up in Seattle!  That's pretty amazing and you can vote by going to this link (click!)  Would be super cool to win so vote for us! They're doing a feature on us as well and it will arrive to your magazine stand in May so be sure to pick up a copy or 10. 

The Stranger has mentioned us and our pop-ups as features for the last three months! That's amazing and you should definitely check our mentions on their site and in print when they come out! 

addo Ballard Stranger Section (click)
addo Capitol Hill Stranger Section (click)

We have been mentioned in the Seattle Times Eats and Drinks newsletter twice now. Do you subscribe?  You should by clicking here!   

Capitol Hill NEW! 

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up and we're doing a special Mother's Day menu for brunch that day.  It's a throw back to a pop-up style brunch I did called Afternoon Delight.  This will be a 5 course brunch with tea poured throughout the meal.  The tea is priced into the ticket price and there will be an alcohol pairing as an option. $45 per person plus tax and service charge.   It's live so buy it! (click)

Derby Party 5/5

Bring your fancy hats and we'll bring our fancy food.  We're opening the space up with our patio and we'll have some games being played as well.  This is less of a sit down thing and more of a social hang out so come hang out! $45 per person with drinks being sold separately at the event. (click)

Grillin' and Chillin' 5/20

All things over the grill!  Different types of wood, with meats, vegetables, and seafood at the ready.  Join us while we grill and you chill on the patio.  This will be a lot less formal and we'll just put out food as it's ready. $50 per person with beverages being sold separately at the event. (click)

Ballard New! 

Added dates for Lechoncito! (click)

CAPITOL HILL Now Selling - 


The 12-15 course tasting menu, SILVA, now booking through July.  The story of Washington told through its people, ingredients, and preparations.  Join us every Friday and Saturday night, starting in April, for this ever changing and evolving dinner. Price is $165 per person and that includes service charge.  Does not include tax or optional beverage pairing. 

Book your SILVA experience now! (click)

Toast v. Toast (brunch) for $35 per person with an optional beverage pairing. So many toasts and different dates to choose from.  July 22nd is the last Toast v. Toast.  There will be a new format for brunch after this. (click)

Lechoncito - 

Now booking through June and still $35 per person on Wednesday's and Sunday's. 

We have added supplements for things that take a little more time to prepare so we can have them ready when you arrive.  Those items, for now, are:

- Pastelon
- Whole Fish
- Dungeness Crab and Pork Mofongo
- Churrasco
- Pinchos

Take Home Items:

- Entire Mom Flan
- Sazon
- Sofrito

Click for more booking information


New dates for I LOVE SEAFOOD!  5/10, 6/16, and 7/12. Click to buy! 

INCUBATOR:Swipe Right Diner - Every Saturday Morning

Chef Charlotte Glaves is on the team full-time now.  I have worked with her for years and she is coming aboard to start working on some projects of her own.  First up is Swipe Right Diner!  This Saturday morning brunch at our Capitol Hill space will explore American diner food with a fresh take by chef Charlotte.  This is booking now and is $35 per person so check it out for yourself! (click)

Beauty of Japanese Food Dinner 4/26

Join us for The Beauty of Japanese Food in the Northwest. A dinner by Shota Nakajima (adana), Mutsuko Soma (Kamonegi), and Taichi Kitamura (Sushi Kappo Tamura) for an 8 course Japanese dinner (click here, tickets will go fast)   The 7:45 slot is sold out. There are still a few left for the 5:45 slot and tickets let for Izakaya as well. 

Followed by that dinner is: IZAKAYA NIGHT! (click)

INCUBATOR: Foraging Trips with Charlotte Glaves

Charlotte is back with her foraging trips!  Check these out as there are multiple dates and join her as she shows you what's available in the mountains near the Snohomish/Snoqualmie area! (click)

FOCUS MENU - Thursday dinner series

I'm constantly looking at what sells, what doesn't and how to keep things new and exciting.  Frankly, the 15 course tasting menu doesn't sell well on Thursday's and it makes complete sense why.  I'm going to be featuring a 7 course menu that ranges between $65-$85 + tax + service charge that gives me even more flexibility but dials in a specific theme for each.  What themes you ask?

Al Fresco

Find your FOCUS here

addo:Ballard at Royal Drummer Cafe events now selling:

DiVe - Thursday through Saturday

Starting in April you'll be able to take one of eight seats at our dive bar concept in Ballard featuring beer, wine, and food for under $13!  Running from Thursday through Saturday you'll be able to book a seat by reserving it for a $10 deposit that will go towards your final bill.  Food and drinks are ala carte.  The food menu will consist of various items throughout the addo universe and will change every week with the Richard being a mainstay item!   Join us! (click)

ABBASHACK - Algerian Fried Chicken with Erik Abdelbari, 4/26, 5/6

addo:Incubator presents Chef Erik Abdelbari of AbbaShack. Born from a combination of love for all fried poultry and his deep appreciation of the spices and techniques of Algeria, Chef Erik has adapted a style of rustic and robustly marinated and potato battered fried chicken to a modern fast casual application while still paying respect to his roots and slanging some damn tasty birds.  (click)

addo:incubator - Wolf and Woman - 4/25

Join Kaci Goff (formerly of Hitchcock and Navy Strength) for a four course dinner.  Chef Kaci has a background in Malaysian Fine Dining cuisine that will be brought to light at their dinners.  addo:incubator is proud to work with Chefs Kaci as she promotes her pop-up series Wolf and Woman.  Her first dinner sold out so get in now!  (click)

addo:Incubator - Eastern Promise 5/3 and 5/17

A night of Russian food and other great Eastern European goods brought to you by Ingrid Lyublinsky, Chef Ana Kasparova, and Chef Michalina Pawluskiewicz. Bringing together the recipes of our families with the music and drinks we all grew up enjoying. (click)

Smorrebrod - 4/22 5/13, 6/10, and 7/22

Our first smorrebrod night was really nice so I added a few more dates. I feel like this is something that should stick, especially in Ballard.  Lots of open faced sandwiches celebrating Nordic food.  Can't go wrong so book it (click)

Richard 4/18 and 5/16

The Richard will be happening once per month at the Ballard location. YES!!!!!! Book now March, April, and May.  Once DiVe is going, no more singular Richard nights, so book this now! (click)

Movie Night - These will be happening once per month

Grandma's Boy on 4/19. 

This is one of my favorite movies so join us for 3-4 courses of food with wine and beer sold separately.  Tickets are $35.  (click)


Meesha is back and is doing three events on 4/20, and 5/18.  Book now as these sell out quickly!  (click)

addo:Incubator - Chào:Ciao 5/20 with more dates on the way

addo:Incubator presents Chef Thai and Chef Quang cooking a Vietnamese-Italian themed multi-course tasting dinner using some original and creative takes on traditional Vietnamese dishes with an Italian style twist. (click)

Thanks for reading!


Eric Rivera