addo, SILVA, Lechoncito, and all the other updates! 7/26/18


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Oh hey! 

addo:capitol hill news - 

August will be our last month in the Coffee Flour Lab space.  The upcoming Insanis and Silva on the road were the deciding factors in this move.   Insanis needs to be a crazy menu so it's going to be popping up at different places every time. Silva will be going on tour throughout Washington then across the United States, I want more people to know about Washington and what we have available to us here so yeah! 

Additionally, I'm making a big push for our space in Ballard.  I want that concept to work and go into other places around the city as well and I am actively looking for those spaces.  I'm not sure if that makes sense..... 

The addo Seattle ticketing site will remain the same but you'll just see the address go away and you'll see a lot more experiences popping up that are a  lot more customized.   As an example, I'm going to be doing the beefsteak menu in a place that can handle 100-200 people and do it in the traditional style.  I'm planning things like New Year's Eve, Halloween, and other special events which will launch for sale in August. 

The main stays like themed brunch will live on in Ballard and other spaces as well.  Lechoncito will be starting in the Ballard location where you'll see delivery coming on regular days and lots more in the works for that concept.  

If you like the space in Capitol Hill then book it! I'm going to be adding one more Richard pop-up so stay tuned on that.  I am looking for a permanent space of my own in Capitol Hill just haven't found the right space yet.  

addo:incubator:ballard news - 


Ecliptic Beer Dinner on 8/20

5 courses of food priced with beer (click)

Lechoncito Salsa Night on 9/7 (click)

Dance, eat, dance, eat, dance, dance, dance, eat.   Food, wine, and beer will be sold at the event.  The $5 deposit will go to your final bill. 

Brunch Tasting Menus starting in September with me (click)

I'm working on two events with The Spoon where we will be having a dinner in the space talking about the future of restaurants.  You should join us for that dinner, it's $15 and 5 courses.  The best part is it will be with my best friend, Scott Heimendinger! (click)

Additionally, I'm going to do a talk in October at Benaroya Hall at the Smart Kitchen Summit North America!  I've always wanted to be a part of that so it's a really cool honor to have been asked.  What's the future of restaurants?  Come find out!  (click)

On The Menu: The Future of Restaurants

Eric Rivera, addo Incubator; Jim Collins, Kitchen United

That's pretty fucking cool! 

more news

We'll be offering delivery soon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the space.  We're expanding the delivery options and you'll be able to use Caviar, Eat 24 (Grubhub) launches on Thursday, and Postmates.  I'll have menus for that soon but we took pictures today so yeah! 

Brunch with us on Saturday's and Sunday's from 8am-4pm.  Reservations can be made or you can walk in!  (click)

Dinner is going strong on Thursday's through Saturday's starting at 6pm-9pm.  So join us!  (click)

We found a chef for dinner service. He starts on 8/15 so we'll be expanding days from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner. 

We were featured in Seattle Magazine along with Chelsea Lin and her cakes that are being sold at our space on Friday's.  Check it out (click)!   Dessert happy hour is every Friday from 4-6pm! 


Draddo is being put on by Anne Livingston, a local artist and we will be hosting artists during that time to draw on Tuesday's from 1-3pm.  Join us, it's free to draw and hang out with other artists! 

DiVe Activities and themed happy hours!  

- Video game nights featuring head to head XboxOne and Nintendo Switch consoles
- Bingo Nights
- Taco weeks
- Hot dog weeks.  Here are more details, check the Ballard site for more reservation and ticket details.  We split them as free reservations and $5 deposits depending on the event. 

Night time activities - 

- XBOX One: Forza 7 Head to Head Tournament     8/22
- Bingo Night 8/29
- Nintendo Switch:  Mario Kart 8 Head to Head Tournament  9/12
- Nintendo Switch:  Mario Tennis Aces, Head to Head Tournament  9/19
- XBOX One:  Madden 2019, Head to Head Tournament  9/26

Day time activities - 

- 40 ounces to Freedom.  40 ounce wines and beers served with beer and food. 7/23-7/27
- Hot Dog and Beers! 7/30-8/3
- Taco Tiempo 8/6-8/10

Lots more to come in DiVe land.  Check out the ballard booking site to see all the things above and reserve now (click)

Peruvian Food

Peruvian food by Chef Marco Baldoceda: Every Friday and Saturday night:

Tickets for Friday and Saturday night are live, buy now as tickets go quick (click)!   These will end in August

More dates added for fermentation cooking classes with chef Ana (click)

Tolu 8/12 $45 per person

addo:Incubator presents brothers, Krishan, Anand and Raajan Kumar. Born in the Fiji Islands and migrated to the Seattle area with our parents in 1996. Being Indo-Fijian, they are very proud of their very unique heritage. In Fiji, the two main cultures are the Indigenous Fijians and Asian Indians. Naturally, the traditional cultures and cuisines unified, which formed the modern Fijian cuisine. Influenced as well by Seattle living they capture the flavors of home, with a Pacific Northwest spin.  (click for tickets) 

Cooking Classes: 

I have added new cooking classes that I will be teaching so check them out:

Stocks and Sauces 9/5 (click)
Knife Skills 9/12 (click)
Fish Butchery 9/19 (click)

In the works, launching soon: 

Chinese pastries (date coming soon)
Snowcones (this week!)
Wine events (lots in the works!)
Roaster events with Royal Drummer
Brunch tasting menus with Eric
Delivery for our entire menu - breakfast, lunch, and dinner 

addo:capitol hill

I just added a bunch of new events!!!!!

You Can't Eat Mt. Rainier 8/2 (click)
Taco Night 7/20 (click)
Pick a card, any card 8/3 (click)  This is the craziest shit we've done so far. 
Winner Winner, Dungeness Crab Dinner 8/10 (click) 
Lechoncito: Mom is Back!!!!! 7/25 (click)

Have you booked Spanish brunch yet (click)?   A lechoncito Puerto Rican dinner yet (click)?  Hawai'i brunch (click)?   

Silva will be ending soon.... You should book it before it goes on the road. 

PHINNEY!:  (All Phinney events will not be on Tock and will sold directly through my website, same for West Seattle)

In the works!


Silva will be ending at the end of August in its current form then will move to being at remote locations around the state so book it will you can every Friday and Saturday night in our Capitol Hill space. 

Here is where we are going: 

I'm taking the Silva menu on the road to different areas in Washington.  The menu will depend on the location.   These will be in larger homes that you can choose to stay at for the nights of the dinner.  Yes, I said nights.  

Here's how it works -

Friday arrival:  small bites, drinks, welcoming time
Saturday morning: brunch
Saturday afternoon: light snacks
Saturday evening: nice long tasting menu
Saturday night cap:  snacks and drinks
Sunday morning:  breakfast and go home! 

These will be priced as an all-inclusive thing.  

If you want to travel to one of these places to just have the Saturday night dinner, then that's cool too, there is a separate price for just the Saturday night dinner. 

The trip itself is designed to have a chill feel so sit back, relax, and let us take care of you.  Each place we will stay at will have 4 rooms that will be included in this price. I'm working on prices soon for this.  

Here are the locations and some dates:

- Bellingham (September 28-30, 2018)
- Long Beach (October 12-14, 2018)  
- Olympia (February 2019)
- Spokane (March 2019)
- Walla Walla (March 2019
- Orcas Island (TBD)

All pricing will be sent early next week to addo:rewards members then to everyone else on 8/1/18.  These will be sold directly on my site on when they launch.  Cool!


This upcoming 20 couse tasting menu will be happening from September through November.  There will only be 8 seats per seating and there will be two seatings per night. This will happen on Saturday nights.  Pricing looks like this - 

20 course tasting menu.  
$185 + 20% service charge + tax per person.
$85 beverage pairing
$45 non-alcohol beverage pairing

What's the food going to be like? 

You'll get a questionnaire and we'll go from there. 

What's the experience going to be like?

Will change every week depending on the space

This sounds crazy....

Insanis means crazy in Latin.  Tickets for these go on sale on 8/1/18

Lechoncito News: 

Our sit down dinners have evolved a lot and we have new supplements on the menu.  If you want to keep tabs on those dishes check out or instagram for Lechoncito (click).

Book your sit down dinner in Capitol Hill, the weather is nice and we are hanging out on the patio! (click).  Added dates through August and in the Ballard space as well. 

Here is the catering menu for Lechoncito. Work lunches?  We got you!  Dinner time shine? Yup!

Lunch catering menu - 

1-10 people buffet style at $15 per person will include

pork, rice, beans, and yucca


mango salad $3 per person
avocado salad $3 per person
Jones soda $3 per person, assorted flavors
water, $2 per person

Order minimum of $75 and delivery fee of $25 to anywhere in Seattle. Tax will be added.

For 10-50 people buffet style at $15 per person will include:

pork, rice, beans, yucca, bread, and mojo

No order minimum at this point, delivery fee waived to anywhere in Seattle, other areas will be case to case. Tax will be added.

For 50+, let's discuss and customize something for you!

Plated Lunch -


Pork Bowl with rice and beans $17 each
Yucca Bowl with rice and beans $15 each

Order minimum of $75 and delivery fee of $25 to anywhere in Seattle. Tax will be added.


Pork Bowl with rice and beans $16 each
Yucca Bowl with rice and beans $14 each

No order minimum at this point, delivery fee waived to anywhere in Seattle, other areas will be case to case. Tax will be added.

Dinner catering menu - 

Buffet Style: $35 per person


1-10 with a minimum order of $75, delivery fee of $25 in Seattle


Pork, rice, beans, mango salad, maduros plantains, yucca, bread, mojo, and mom flan slices per person.




avocado salad $3 per person

beer, see us for pricing

water $2

Jones soda $3


Buffet Style: $35 per person


10-50 with no minimum order and delivery fee is waived


Pork, rice, beans, mango salad, maduros plantains, yucca, bread, mojo, and entire mom flans per 16 guests.


For more than 50 please contact us for a custom quote. Tax will be added to the costs mentioned above. We are happy to accommodate allergies, aversions, and/or dietary restrictions.

contact us on to order!

Lechoncito will be going to Puerto Rico next March.  You should join us.  Details soon! 

Fun times......


Eric Rivera