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Back at it in newsletter land, just trying to get back to our regularly scheduled release date of every Tuesday.  As a note to everyone, we are closed across the company for Independence Day so go have a nice time and light some things on fire!  Here we go:

addo:incubator:ballard news - 

Brunch started this past Sunday and we are in the process of dialing in the details even more.  Brunch will run from 9am-4pm with DiVe happy hour going from 4-6pm.   Additionally, we will be changing our hours of operation on weekends to start at 9am instead of opening at 6am.  

Dinner starts on 7/12!  Here is what we are doing and deposit tickets are available now (click) and we will be open for walk-ins as well.  

Join us every Thursday through Saturday night in Ballard for our dinner service featuring food from all over the world, different moments in time, and experiencing various cultures through food. There are 5 trays filled with 3-7 components that you can choose from and all are priced under $25 per person. Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the space. The trays are updated every two weeks. 

For 7/12-7/14 and 7/19-7/21 the following themes will be:

Puerto Rican pork tray
Flavors of Japan tray
TV Dinner tray
Staple Dishes of Hawai'i
Specials tray (changes every day)

We're making lots of tweaks and have a beverage team that is going to start soon that is going to have wine dinners, beer dinners, tastings, social hours during happy hour and lots more on the way.  DiVe will get video game nights as well as other activities, launching that in a couple of weeks with a schedule. 

Peruvian food by Chef Marco Baldoceda: Every Friday and Saturday night:

Tickets for Friday and Saturday night are live, buy now as tickets go quick (click)!  Additionally, we will have a special Saturday morning viewing of the The World Cup with Peruvian food by Chef Marco at 8am on Saturday, no tickets, just be there and we'll do that ala carte thing.  Let's hope they go far so you can continue getting Peruvian food to start your days! 

More dates added for fermentation cooking classes with chef Ana (click)

AbbaShack is Back!!!!!! Click for tickets here! 

addo:capitol hill

I just added a bunch of new events!!!!!

You Can't Eat Mt. Rainier 8/2 (click)
Richard Burger 7/11 (click)
Taco Night 7/20 (click)
Skewered 7/26 (click)
Pick a card, any card 8/3 (click)  This is the craziest shit we've done so far. 
Winner Winner, Dungeness Crab Dinner 8/10 (click) 
Lechoncito: Mom is Back!!!!! 7/25 (click)

Have you booked Spanish brunch yet (click)?   A lechoncito Puerto Rican dinner yet (click)?  Hawai'i brunch (click)?   

PHINNEY!:  (All Phinney events will not be on Tock and will sold directly through my website, same for West Seattle)

Another event coming soon!!

addo: west seattle

We'll be back at Ounces Tap Room on Saturday with pork bowls and pork sandwiches!!! 


Silva will be ending at the end of August in its current form then will move to being at remote locations around the state so book it will you can every Friday and Saturday night in our Capitol Hill space. 

This menu will be replaced with Insanis, a 20 course tasting menu. Bookings start in August. This is also the craziest shit we've ever done.  addo:rewards members will be receiving an email soon with an opportunity to purchase first and some upcoming perks.  What's addo:rewards?  Shoot me an email.

Lechoncito News: 

Our sit down dinners have evolved a lot and we have new supplements on the menu.  If you want to keep tabs on those dishes check out or instagram for Lechoncito (click).

Book your sit down dinner in Capitol Hill, the weather is nice and we are hanging out on the patio! (click)

We'll be back at Ounces tap room in West Seattle next weekend. 

DiVe News:

See addo:incubator news

addo news: 

Capitol Hill

Moving forward, here we are: 

Night Moves - Friday and Saturday night starting at 9pm. This is $35 and will be a bunch of new things in the works for the company whether that is from incubators or myself.  These start at 9pm are in the style of an izakaya so you'll get lots of bites, snacks, and fun things for $35 each with beverages sold separately at the space.  (click)



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