addo, InSaNiS, SILVA, and more update 8/16/18

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Crabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.  A picture our Winner Winner Dungeness Crab Dinner last week. 

addo:incubator:ballard news - 


Starting in September I'll be doing 12 course dinners on Friday's at addo:incubator in Ballard.  The price is $140/pp and that includes service charge but not tax or beverage pairing.  There are only 6 seats per seating so book it.  (click)

Lechoncito 2.0

I was doing straight down the middle food for Lechoncito for a while.  I don't think any of it was creative or that exciting considering it was more about getting groups of people together to dine and chill like you were going to someone's house in Puerto Rico.   So I did that, now I'm onto something else so here we are. 

Lechoncito 2.0 will feel a bit more refined.  This will be my interpretation of Puerto Rican food.  The stuff I grew up eating, on a level, mixed with techniques and visuals I like to use.   What does that mean?  Puerto Rican food in Seattle doesn't really exist.  There is one restaurant, La Isla, which has been around for a while and many people identify with that place as being their source for Puerto Rican food.   I think that's great.  What I don't like about that arrangement is there is one Puerto Rican restaurant in Seattle..... Why can't there be others?  There are many different styles of Puerto Rican food, people that make it, and plenty of recipes to be shared.  Lechoncito 2.0 is less about being what's known about what Puerto Rican food is and more about what I bring to the table.  Am I reinventing the wheel? Maybe. Is it just me putting expensive ingredients with Puerto Rican flavors?  Sometimes....  Will there be new ideas floating around?  Yes! So join me at the new Lechoncito in Ballard starting in September on Wednesday and Sunday (click)  Children under 7 eat free. 

New Chef in Ballard! 

Remember last week when I talked about DIS and how it's going to pop-up in Ballard on Sunday's and Monday's?  Well there's more to that story.   Chef Dave Valencia will be our new Executive Chef and will be bringing his many talents to our dinner menu.  He's the current chef of Ballard favorite Brimmer & Heeltap and starts next week with us.   We have a new format for the menu and will be expanding dinner from Wednesday through Saturday nights.  

The new format for the menu will have three trays, entrees, smaller bites, and a few desserts sprinkled in because who doesn't like sprinkles?  

I'm really excited for chef Dave and what he is going to bring to the table in the space.   


You'll see a lot more of my face in Ballard starting in September since we won't have the Capitol Hill space anymore.  I added the following experiences so you and I can hang out with a lot more on the way: 

7 Course Brunch Tasting Menu with Me for $40/pp (click)
Beefsteak on 10/5 (click)
Cooking Class - Stocks and Sauces, 9/5 (click)
Knife Skills, 9/12 (click)   SOLD OUT
Fish Butchery, 9/19 (click) 
Puerto Rican Food, 9/26 (click)
Fish Cookery, 10/3 (click)
Vegetable Cookery, 10/10 (click)
Soup, 10/17 (click)
Braising, 10/24 (click)

DIS (click)

Dis is a new incubator by chefs Dave Valencia, Bri Valencia, and Kieran McMeekan.  More from chef Dave about this concept -

"The concept is called DIS. It’s the word push in Latin. The cuisine is pnw meets Mexico. I am Mexican American from Tucson, AZ. I moved  to Seattle a little over a year ago in hopes to push myself food wise. I am currently the chef at Brimmer and Heeltap and the food is a hit. I overhauled the menu taking it from far east to far south. It has been a hit with the returning customers. I want to take it further and more adventurous. That’s where addo comes in. 

Lechoncito Salsa Night on 9/7 (click)

Dance, eat, dance, eat, dance, dance, dance, eat.   Food, wine, and beer will be sold at the event.  The $5 deposit will go to your final bill. 

The Spoon and SKS Events

I'm working on two events with The Spoon where we will be having a dinner in the space talking about the future of restaurants.  You should join us for that dinner, it's $15 and 5 courses.  The best part is it will be with my best friend, Scott Heimendinger! (click)  SOLD OUT

Additionally, I'm going to do a talk in October at Benaroya Hall at the Smart Kitchen Summit North America!  I've always wanted to be a part of that so it's a really cool honor to have been asked.  What's the future of restaurants?  Come find out!  (click)

more news


We are on Caviar, Postmates, and Grubhub now.  Order things or come on in! 


Brunch with us on Saturday's and Sunday's from 8am-4pm.  Reservations can be made or you can walk in!  (click)

We were featured in Seattle Magazine along with Chelsea Lin and her cakes that are being sold at our space on Friday's.  Check it out (click)!   Dessert happy hour is every Friday from 4-6pm! 


Draddo is being put on by Anne Livingston, a local artist and we will be hosting artists during that time to draw on Tuesday's from 1-3pm.  Join us, it's free to draw and hang out with other artists! 

DiVe Activities and themed happy hours!  

- Video game nights featuring head to head XboxOne and Nintendo Switch consoles
- Bingo Nights
- Taco weeks
- Hot dog weeks.  Here are more details, check the Ballard site for more reservation and ticket details.  We split them as free reservations and $5 deposits depending on the event. 

Night time activities - 

- XBOX One: Forza 7 Head to Head Tournament     8/22
- Bingo Night 8/29
- Nintendo Switch:  Mario Kart 8 Head to Head Tournament  9/12
- Nintendo Switch:  Mario Tennis Aces, Head to Head Tournament  9/19
- XBOX One:  Madden 2019, Head to Head Tournament  9/26

Day time activities - 

- Taco Tiempo 8/6-8/10

Lots more to come in DiVe land.  Check out the ballard booking site to see all the things above and reserve now (click)


addo:capitol hill news - 

August will be our last month in the space so you should definitely book your favorite experiences before we start taking those things on the road.  Also, SILVA in the space will make it's last run before it goes on tour through the next year!  

SILVA (click)
Hawai'i Brunch (click)
Lechoncito (click)

For more Capitol Hill experiences click here (click)

After August the Capitol Hill Tock site will contain our off-site information as well as my website. 


Here is where we are going: 

I'm taking the Silva menu on the road to different areas in Washington.  The menu will depend on the location.   These will be in larger homes that you can choose to stay at for the nights of the dinner.  Yes, I said nights.  

Here's how it works -

Friday arrival:  small bites, drinks, welcoming time
Saturday morning: brunch
Saturday afternoon: light snacks
Saturday evening: nice long tasting menu
Saturday night cap:  snacks and drinks
Sunday morning:  breakfast and go home! 

These will be priced as an all-inclusive thing.  

If you want to travel to one of these places to just have the Saturday night dinner, then that's cool too, there is a separate price for just the Saturday night dinner. 

The trip itself is designed to have a chill feel so sit back, relax, and let us take care of you.  Each place we will stay at will have 4 rooms that will be included in this price. I'm working on prices soon for this.  

I am re-working the dates for these as demand for these has increased.  

- Bellingham (TBD)
- Long Beach (TBD)  
- Olympia (TBD)
- Spokane (TBD)
- Walla Walla (TBD)
- Orcas Island (TBD)

These will go live on 8/22/18 and will be sold directly on my site on when they launch.  Cool!

Lechoncito News: 

Our sit down dinners have evolved a lot and we have new supplements on the menu.  If you want to keep tabs on those dishes check out or instagram for Lechoncito (click).

Book your sit down dinner in Capitol Hill, the weather is nice and we are hanging out on the patio! (click).  Added dates through August and in the Ballard space as well. 

We'll be at Ounces Tap Room in West Seattle on Saturday with Pork Sandwiches and Pork Bowls! 

Lechoncito will be going to Puerto Rico next March.  You should join us.  Will be a maximum of 12 people.  I'll be taking you on a tour of the island with eats, treats, drinks, and cooking you food as well.  I'll be posting details for this on 8/22/18.

Need some office catering from Lechoncito?  Contact me, I got you. 

That was a lot! More next week! 


Eric Rivera