David Minkin Showcases Wine and Magic at addo:incubator

The world of magic doesn’t just reside in the works of Harry Potter, a select few of us have the enough skills to convince the rest of us that there is still so much we don’t know and just how slippery reality can be sometimes. David Minkin has made a career for himself showing people around the world just how magical a simple dinner party can become with some ordinary household objects and a glass of wine.

Minkin is one of the world’s top corporate performers and has worked with the like of Disney, Sony and Nike. He runs the longest one-man magic show in California (11 years and counting) and co-stars in the Netflix documentary Magicians: Life in the Impossible and he had a show on the travel channel called Magic Outlaws.

 He also collaborates with small businesses and personal events to provide more intimate settings for his spellbinding showcase. Chef Eric Rivera is letting Minkin turn the addo:incubator into his next stage while he whips up his usual culinary magic in the kitchen. Seven courses will appear and disappear while Ingrid holds it down at the bar pulling out natural wine flavors like rabbits out of a hat.

Whether it’s putting coins inside of light bulbs or bending wine glass stems like rubber, Minkin always leaves his audience with a little less suspended in reality than they were before.

You can buy tickets to the Magic, Food, and Wine event here. (click)