Chef Eric Rivera Is Gearing addo:incubator Up For An Eventful 2020

It's barely September and Chef Eric Rivera's mind is already churning out ideas for 2020. Diners can expect a new slate of monthly brunch themes as well as a dining room expansion of sorts. addo:incubator is trying to plan anywhere between 150 to 300 events next year to put addo’s brand on the map as an undeniable culinary destination of the Pacific Northwest.

addo’s Flagship 20 course tasting menu started with Silva and is expanding to take on video game history, the Caribbean, and our solar system. Silva will also switch up a bit to explore Washington’s seasonal offerings. While the weather stays par to the course in the west, Eastern Washington is full of extreme weather patterns that can drastically alter an ingredient list.

There will be a new precedent set for the blue-collar diners who want to enjoy high-class dining on occasion. Too often are middle-class earners squeezed out of the fun with chef’s counters and multi-course dinners that can cost upwards of $75 per person. These will be comprised of single dish items or smaller tastings that will be priced between $15-$35 per person and will have special season ticket prices too.

January - Taco tiempo
February - Entree evening
March - Ramen
April - Burgers
May - Mezze
June - Fish and chips
July - Tapas
August - BBQ
September - Nightshades
October - Soup
November - Pies: savory to sweet
December - Holiday party

Chef Eric’s themed monthly brunches will continue to throw breakfast expectations out the window. For far too long have brunch menus been chained down by eggs benedict and avocado toast (but we do that too sometimes).

January - Avocado toast, 3 ways
February - Breakfast pastries
March - Dutch baby
April - Breakfast burger
May - Begetarian
June - Bento breakfast
July - Shakshuka
August - Three ways of Benedict
September - Brunch bag
October - Toast vs. toast
November - Chilaquiles sheet tray
December - Breakfast tacos

Eric Rivera and his lovely partner Ingrid are also taking guest on several culinary vacations starting in 2020. If you’re reading this, you missed out on Puerto Rico, but there’s still room available for the San Miguel de Allende trip in May and Palm Springs in September. In 2021 the gang is headed back to Puerto Rico as well as Alaska and Australia. Food, beverages, lodging and transportation are included with purchase. (flights are on you) Become immersed in each region’s culture through their people, food, and architecture while Eric plays tour guide and ensures you don’t go hungry.

 Written by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol