addo:football Returns With The Seahawks vs Bengals Home Opener

There’s nothing quite like football season in Seattle. The Seahawks are making their 2019 debut at home versus the Cincinnati Bengals. addo:incubator is celebrating each game with a showdown of both city’s culinary starting lineup.

Seattle is home to a number of food trends, from tourist touting bread bowls filled with clam chowder (don’t tell Chef Eric I said so) to teriyaki, Chinese food, and of course the seafood. Washington’s ingredient combinations are seemingly endless with things to be caught, foraged, farmed and hunted. You might even get Indian food, which has exploded in the city with the emergence of the tech industry boom.

Cincinnati is a city on the rise, with dining options steeped in Germanic and European heritage. Graeter’s Ice Cream is one of the city’s best known brands while dishes like goetta (meat and grain sausage) and Cincinnati chili are known regional favorites. Cincinnati chili is like a spaghetti-chili dog hybrid with spiced sauce served over noodles then topped with cheese, diced onions and beans.  You can also find places famous for pizza, barbecue and Rueben sandwiches in this region’s upswing food scene.

While the Seahawks (hopefully) send the Bengals fans home with a big fat L to think about, learn what makes their city awesome through their most cherished dietary delicacies.

 Written by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol