Did You Know addo Has Three Different Brunches?

Stepping out on a weekend for brunch is a hallowed Seattle tradition at this point, but let’s be honest, you already know what to expect. Eggs benedicts, toast, avocados, and pancakes, or what basically amounts to gourmet diner food. By no means are they bad flavors, but they’re basic and rundown by this point. Eric Rivera is aiming to create an “anti-brunch” brunch to throw an early afternoon curve ball at experienced weekenders who find themselves in Ballard at addo:incubator.

Chef Eric gives guests three different ways to experience an addo style brunch: a chef’s tasting menu, an over the top themed experience and posted up at the countertop with Chef Eric himself.

Chef’s Tasting

Standard brunch tends to reside in the culinary gut-bomb spectrum of heavy gravies and doughy breads. Chef Eric explores recipes with acids, spices, and seasoning to bring a “completely different” view of a brunch menu.  Soft and “luxorious tasting” French style scrambled eggs barely held together with butter and cream or a sweet Japanese egg custard are just a couple of examples of what you might see.


Whether Eric’s torching turkey legs and pine branches at your table for a medieval style Game of Thrones themed brunch or you’re eating addo’s rendition of fast food classics, (think Eric’s Richard burger) these meals are designed to be over the top and will almost surely land in your Instagram highlights. Themes change monthly and you can look forward to a Nightmare Before Christmas brunch over the holiday season.


Chef Eric invites eight guests to the addo countertop for a one-of-a-kind interpersonal experience between chef and diner. “They’re literally in the fucking kitchen,” Eric says. This point of view lets guests see what makes addo tick from the inside and allows Eric to showcase a bit of showmanship. “There’s nothing like it,” he says.