Where's Chef Eric Rivera Eating Now? Pizza on the Hill and Sake in Fremont

Between the events and catering, Chef Eric Rivera and his lovely partner Ingrid still find time to visit bars, restaurants and various eateries all over the city. It’s not all flamethrowers and blaring Latin music, sometimes a quiet night out in on the menu sometimes too.

As if one acclaimed restaurant wasn’t enough, Kamonegi owner Mutsuko Soma’s sake bar is making the rounds as a quaint spot to get your fermentation on. Hannyatou packs a somewhat daunting Japanese beer and sake list into a small space. While you’re sippin in the front, their fermenting pickles, misos, vinegars, koji, and tamaris in the back. Smoked salmon potato salad and the takowasa (octopus and wasabi) cover seafood cravings while the spam and chicken liver mousse add a new chapter to bar food lore. Hannyatou.com

Dino’s Tomato Pie
Pizza doesn’t always have to be round to taste delicious. Dino’s delivers a different kind of pie at their Capitol Hill pizzeria. If you feel like you’ve stepped back into the 1980’s, that’s the point. Brandon Pettit wanted to take his second spot back to the pizza parlors of his childhood home of New Jersey. A popular late-night spot that makes cocktails in the dim light while you wait for a classic pepperoni or the “Weekend at Dinos” with two kinds of mozzarella (aged and fresh,) Zoe’s bacon, pineapple, in-house pickled jalapenos, and of course, loads of tomato sauce. Dinostomatopie.com