What Does James Beard Mean To addo? It’s Strictly Business

In combat sports, there’s a fine line between being remembered as an all-time great or just a guy who competed with the all-time greats. That line is usually wrapped around their waists and covered in gold. Championship belts can and the arduous path to attain one makes and breaks fighters. Along those same lines, a restaurant can be made or broken in the quest for a foodservice title. Michelin stars and James Beard awards are the championship belts of the cooking world and a doorway that leads from “just a restaurant” to something people form lines around blocks for and fill pages of waiting lists spots. Do you want to be just a guy, or do you want to be great? This is a question Chef Eric Rivera is answering on his quest to take addo to the next level with a James Beard nomination and potential victory on the horizon.

“I want it for everybody here and I want it for the restaurant and I want it for what we’re doing because were killing ourselves out here, ya know? We’re bustin’ our fucking ass,” Chef Eric explains emphatically.

James Beard was and still is a revered chef, restaurateur, and food personality. He made his mark in American cooking throughout the early to mid-1900’s. He made regular appearances on the country’s first television cooking program back in 1946. He laid the blueprint for the Matty Matheson’s and Bobby Flay’s of the world back when being a chef was nothing more than a blue-collar career. Now chefs have the capacity to become full-fledged celebrities with loyal fans tracking their moves on social media and diners waiting on lists for months to eat at their restaurants. James Beard is long gone, but his love for cooking is carried on through the James Beard Foundation, which strives to imbue Beard’s love of cooking all over the world while recognizing the best cooks, restaurants, and writers in food service.

Chef Eric Rivera doesn’t approach fine dining in any way but his own. From his big hair down to his colorful dripped-out Nike high-tops, he’s here to do things his way. While a James Beard award isn’t going to make him toss and turn at night, its undeniable what an award, or even a nomination can do for business. “It was just boom it,” Chef Eric says. It would also help further explain addo’s brand to the cooking community by driving home its against the grain methodology. Some people are on the fence about addo and maybe they’ll never come over, but a James Beard award would convince some curiously cautious diners to give addo a shot. And more business just means more opportunity to create menus that not only taste delicious, but entertain, educate, and fill guest’s minds with culinary possibility.

Sometimes an Oregon Trail themed dinner or a 20-course dinner based on video game history can sound like a daunting path for dinner, but haven’t we all seen enough white table cloths and wine pairing dinners for one lifetime? Hopefully, a James Beard bump would help echelon in a new wave of addo fans for Chef Eric to rock with and show people the only limit on dinner ideas is the chef who hosts them.

How To Nominate addo and Chef Eric Rivera

  1. You can help addo’s quest for a James Beard Foundation award by filling out a simple form at jamesbeard.org. Select the “restaurant and chefs” category.

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2. Once you open the form, select the “Northwest & Pacific Region”

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3. Next you’ll fill out the form and enter in your information as well as Chef Eric Rivera and addo:incubator into the correct spots. It will also ask you for a open-ended response as to why you’re nominating Chef Eric. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have an awesome story or two regarding addo.

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4. Once your form is submitted, you cannot make edits to it.

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4. Now we have to wait and see if addo takes home the bag! Voting ends December 12 and the winners aren’t decided until May 2020.

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Written by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol