Have You Ever Been To An All Latin Cabaret Event?

Cabaret shows have always been about  pushing creative limits in entertainment undergrounds. Whether it’s singing, comedy, performance art, etc., cabaret at its heart is a performance-based counterculture designed to challenge societal and political norms. It’s no surprise the world of drag performance blends so wonderfully with cabaret. In that same breath, Chef Eric Rivera’s addo:incubator is challenging the typical restaurant experience, so what better way than to combine drag, cabaret, and addo into one creative onslaught on guest’s expectations.

“It’s something that doesn’t exist anywhere in Seattle,” Chef Eric says over a sizzling pan of burger buns on a slow Sunday afternoon.

addo:incubator will be turned over to three Latin drag performers while he preps a meal to fuel them and the guests through a night of Hispanic culture like you’ve (most likely) never experienced before. Lola Meraz, Dolce de la Vida, and Rosa Machita will star in a night of spicy flavors and vibes. Rosa is an experienced drag performer whose work includes hitting the streets of Buenos Aires in macabre costumes to protest homophobia in South America.

Chef Eric will let these talented drag-queens loose inside of addo to do as they see fit, all while serving whatever Puerto Rican based creation is on his mind.

“The space is yours, perform in it how you like, go for it.”

You can find tickets for addo’s Latin Cabaret night here. (click)


 Written by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol