Learn About All The Lechoncito Spin-Offs Coming To addo

Lechoncitio is Chef Eric Rivera's flagship Puerto Rican event. It's a regular affair, usually happening multiple times every week. These are the Lechoncito spin-offs, a series of events dissecting specific dishes and techniques inspired by the Lechoncito way.

A fried and mashed plantain dish. It can be mashed with garlic, salt, and olive oil.

All Plantain Menu
An entire five course menu poppin’ with plantain variations. You may find them fried, braised or even turned into ice cream.

Fried turnover style pastries. Amazing finger foods that can taste sweet, savory, and everything in-between. Puerto Rican empanadillas are commonly made with ground beef and tomato sauce.

A Latin chicken stew traditionally made with potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes. You can expect Chef Eric’s rendition to pack a lot more flair than basic potluck stews.

Skewered meat grilled and charred to perfection. Hope you don’t mind a little smoke.

Puerto Ricans are known to infuse their turkey’s with sazon seasoning and stuff it with mofongo. They take their turkey as serious as their pork, so you know each bird is coming with heat. Served with arroz con gandules, bacalao salad, sancocho, mom flan, and tembleque.

Chuleta Kan-Kan
Beautiful dry aged bone-in pork chops. The arc shaped bone makes for an unforgettable Instagram story.

Chilo Frito
Fried fish served with a tomato-based sauce. Commonly served with rice or tostones.

Whole Suckling Pig
Just what it sounds like. Chef Eric breaks down an entire pig and turns the entire thing into various edible pallet challengers.

Written by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol