How Chef Eric Keeps Events Fresh and Fun

While many establishments rely heavily on regular happy hour rushes and brunch crowds to pay the bills, addo:incubator strategizes their business through a litany of different ticketed events. While some of these repeat like the chef’s counters (brunch included) and Lechoncito, the real creativity shines through during one-off events coming from any number of forms of inspiration. Chef Eric Rivera’s world become edible expressions on your plate.

Some events create themselves, like the annual Star Wars dinner that coincides with the franchise’s latest release. Along the lines of addo’s Game of Thrones brunch, these events unite the fans over a themed meal and launch dialogues about your favorite characters or most hated plot lines.

Entertainment keeps the food exciting and helps set the tone before you even set foot in the restaurant. Too many times do wine dinners and chef’s counters come with white tablecloths, stuffy vibes and no more than come clinking glasses and forks scraping on plates as a soundtrack. Knowing that you’re coming to celebrate Game of Thrones with blood cakes or watching Latin cabaret while eating Puerto Rican food automatically alters ticket holders’ expectations before they even complete a purchase.

Event ideas can spawn from Chef Eric’s favorite raunchy comedies like Super Bad while the dogs walking down the street turned into a puppy brunch; a meal designed for dogs and their owners to enjoy together. Even the upcoming cook book series has a unique twist, Chef Eric isn’t using an actual cook book, rather designing recipes from the settings of his favorite novels. Chef Eric and the addo:incubator squad are on a mission to show how fun and laid back high-quality food and hospitality can be.

 You can browse addo’s event calendar here. (click)