Eric Rivera's 12-course tasting menu is addo's Quintessential Night Out 

Eric Rivera may be Seattle Eater’s reigning and defending Chef of the Year, but he never rests on his laurels. There’s new events being added to both the addo:incubator and addo:206 calendar all the time. While one-off experiences like the Matthew McConaughey inspired “All Rice, All Rice, All Rice” are a blast, it’s Chef Eric’s seven and 12-course tasting menu that stand as the pillar of the incubator’s creative culinary crusade.

Whether you want seven courses or 12, the meal’s setting can radically change the vibe. addo’s countertop allows six people to sitting on the edge of the kitchen with Eric as he puts on a performance. Showcasing different techniques, torching things, lighting them on fire, all while engaging directly with customers gives a new meaning to dinner and a show.

What will you be eating? Any number of dishes that are adapted to each guests pre-determined dietary restrictions. If you don’t have any, prepare for Chef Eric’s unfiltered take on a multi-course meal. But if you do, your experience won’t be any different. While the menus change up week to week, dinner to dinner, they’re all designed to unify everyone’s dining experience with a wide range of dietary options, each of them with addo flair. Even when dishes look simple, their complexity is revealed slowly bite after bite. Expect a lot of rad sauces.

The dining room presents an opportunity for guests to experience food at their own pace in their own world. At addo, all kinds of music could be pumping through the speakers. From Kid Cudi to Puerto Rican trap, music usually plays an important role during dinner service.

12-courses is a lot of food, hell, seven-courses is a lot of food. While you may have skipped lunch to make room, there’s a chance you tap out early or risk loosening your belt in public. If so, Chef is happy to send the addo experience home with you, but don’t be surprised if he decides to throw the gauntlet at you. “At what point do I want to crush them?” You can bet nobody is leaving hungry.