Learn About Pittsburgh's Culinary History Before The Steelers vs Seahawks Brunch

The Steelers and the Seahawks will be forever tied through a historic Superbowl match up. It was Ben Roethlisberger’s first title game appearance and a victory lap for hall of fame running back Jerome “The Bus” Bettis. The Steelers beat the Seahawks at Ford Field 21-10 and forever left a bitter taste in the mouths of Seattle’s Twelfth Man. As you read this, the Seattle Seahawks are making a cross-country flight to Pittsburgh to add another rivaled chapter in both franchises’ history. While any chance to get one back at the City of Bridges is welcome, their culinary scene will fill your mouth with flavors as hearty as the vaunted Steel Curtain led by Mean Joe Green.

Pittsburgh’s culinary scene has been the subject of a revival in the last few years, but its rooted in a blue collar swagger of the hardened steel workers of old. Sarah Gray wrote a fascinating tale in Serious Eats about steel mill employees cooking all kinds of meals on the piping that grew to temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Steak were charred on each side and left virtually raw in the middle. All kinds of other meals like chitlins and sausages were heated in tinfoil or cooked on the blistering hot pipes as well. The “Pittsburgh Rare is still a steak tradition that is about as Pittsburg as it gets and Chef Eric is a fan of fire, sounds right up his alley.

This city also has a tradition that is as odd as it is awesome. They put French fries in their salads and sandwiches. The Pittsburgh Salad takes a traditional healthy option and flips it into something more akin to carnival food. Who didn’t put French fries (sometimes potato chips) in their sandwiches during school lunch? Pittsburg took that weird kid lunchroom maneuver and turned it into a cornerstone of its culinary lexicon. The entire restaurant and agriculture community is attracting a lot of young talent and it was voted food city of the year by Zagat in 2016. The Steelers and Seahawks are also in the midst of infusing their rosters with youth. Both are helmed by Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and battle tested head coaches. On paper, this match up is a great one.

Chef Eric Rivera will whip up a multi-course brunch that embodies Pittsburgh and Seattle to celebrate food, football, and culture in ways that are as tasty as Lynn Swan catch over a defender.

You can find tickets for addo’s Seattle vs Pittsburgh brunch here (click)