Tapas Night: A Spanish Feast of Appetizer Sized Things at addo

Tapas are a Spanish style of dining that completely contradicts standard to-go box Americana. While movie theatre mediums look enhanced enough to make the MLB come sniffing around and legendary athletes are sponsored by all-you-can-eat buffets, tapas revolve around a “less is more” blueprint. addo’s Chef Eric Rivera is more than willing to guests at a chef’s counter with 12 courses, but giving them the chance to experience 12 different smaller options at a more economic price is well within the incubator’s forte.

The Spanish word ‘tapa’ means ‘top,’ ‘cover’ or ‘lid.’ Why is an eating style named after a lid? Like most food, the origins are disputed. Whether it came from a sick king who couldn’t finish larger portions or an ingenious way to convince bar patrons they’re hungry by covering their drinks with small snack covered saucers, tapas are ubiquitous with small eats. What comes on those plates is where tapas shines because it can be basically anything that fits on a small plate. Hot cold, seafood, vegetarian, whatever really. The only limit on tapas combinations resides with the chef preparing them. Good thing Chef Eric has no limits, just look at his kicks the next time you see him.

Tapas night goes down on October 4, December 8, and will be the dining room theme for the entire month of July next year. Buy tickets for Tapas night here. (click)

Written by Jonathan Olsen-Koziol