We are currently selling this experience in our more permanent space on Capitol Hill every Wednesday and Sunday with a 5+ course meal with staples like pork, rice, beans, yucca, stewed plantains, and mom flan with additional order ahead items available as supplements.  Base ticket pricing is $35 per person which includes service charge but not tax or optional supplements. 

For booking information click here: 

Capitol Hill  (click)

In Ballard, we have a boxed takeaway version for $20 that gives you pork, yucca, rice and beans. Click here to book your box! (click)

We also offer catering and accommodate large parties so please contact us at info@addoseattle.com

For delivery in Seattle provided through Caviar on Wednesday's and Sunday's (click here)  We are in the process of expanding delivery days and areas. 

Puerto Rican lechonera's are places in Puerto Rico where you can take yourself or a group of people and dine on all things pork along with traditional sides like rice, beans, plantains, blood sausage, and so many more depending on the stall.  We will be doing lechonera's throughout the summer in various cities throughout Washington soon.  

We also offer catering, corporate lunches, and large parties so please contact us at info@addoseattle.com