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Welcome to Silva

SILVA is the restaurant being popped up currently by Chef Eric.  SILVA, forest in Latin, will tell the story of Washington through it's ingredients, people, and preparations.  Eric was born in Washington and has been tinkering with this menu for years and is finally bringing it to light through his SILVA project.  

In its current form SILVA is now on tour and will be going through different locations throughout the state of Washington in 2019.   The concept that will be showcased will be an evolved bed and breakfast with the following template: 

Join chef Eric and the addo team for a weekend get away in one of the chosen cities throughout Washington. The spaces will house up to 8 people and the days will breakdown like this:

  • Friday arrival:  small bites, drinks, welcoming time

  • Saturday morning: brunch

  • Saturday afternoon: light snacks

  • Saturday evening: nice long tasting menu

  • Saturday night cap:  snacks and drinks

  • Sunday morning:  breakfast and go home! 

Ingredients from the area will be used as well as various cooking techniques to highlight them.

All guests will stay in one house while chef Eric and team show them the evolved bed and breakfast concept for SILVA, the story of Washington tasting menu.

The total ticket price is $1750 per person. The price above is for a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the final bill. Final payment will be due 30 days prior to the event taking place. To make a booking for this experience, please click here.

Please contact Eric directly with questions at

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami will be happening in fall of 2019.  More information coming soon. 

SILVA Instagram.