addo:Incubator (Phinney Ridge) - Father's Day with George's BBQ

addo:Incubator (Phinney Ridge) - Father's Day with George's BBQ


George’s BBQ was never intentional, Chef Gavin (the 17 year old sensation) just wanted to cook brisket and needed some people to feed it to. After giving some away a few weeks in a row, people were willing to pay to reserve their piece of the meat. Naturally, Gavin knew he had something going and started to sell to friends and pretty soon they were at max capacity on their little backyard smoker. So they took a break from selling, went to farmers markets across Washington, seeing if they could find any quality BBQ at these markets, we found none. So they built a smoker from scratch with help from his grandpa and decided to set up at The Puyallup Farmers Market since then they have sold out every weekend and haven't looked back.

“We did not expect this instant success, our menu prices were a little higher than the other stands, we weren’t even sure if people would know what Brisket was, we thought people would mistake the dark, rich, smoky crust for being burnt and charred. We were wrong, and we were quickly embraced by a hungry community deprived of great BBQ, and we can not thank them enough for all the support.

We are excited moving forward to join a group of fantastic pitmasters and Smokehouses such as Wood Shop BBQ, Bitterroot, and Jacks BBQ, to help give Seattle the BBQ it deserves.” -Chef Gavin

This $5 ticket is a deposit that will be credited towards your final purchase the day of the event. Seating is limited, and everything will be served to go! Treat your dad to a truly great meal!

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